Our Industry-Leading Partners

Standby Power System Consultants, Inc.  carefully selects the brands we partner with to ensure the products we offer our customers are the best options possible. We’re confident we provide the best quality with the best value in the market.

C&D Technologies

C&D Technologies

For nearly 100 years, C&D Technologies has focused on producing power systems for the storage and conversion of electrical power. The company’s core business focuses on supplying the telecommunications, switchgear & control, and UPS markets with power infrastructures to maintain critical operations during power outages. C&D Technologies is headquartered in Blue Bell, PA and operates distribution and R&D facilities in Indiana, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Mexico, China, England, and Canada.


Unipower., LLC.

Unipower, LLC purchased the Integrated Power Systems division of C&D Technologies in 2014 and continues to manufacture the highly reliable ferroresonant and controlled SCR line frequency battery chargers for utility applications in Dunlap, TN. Unipower also furnishes switch mode rectifier plants for telecommunications applications and dc distribution equipment.



Primax has been designing and manufacturing single phase and three phase controlled SCR line frequency battery chargers, switch mode technology rectifiers and industrial inverters since 1993. Primax is driven by the evolution of customer requirements. Primax designs and manufactures smart, interactive, and flexible DC power conversion product.  With their team of knowledgeable engineers, technologists and administrators, and their willingness to work with Standby Power System Consultants, Inc. and the end customer, Primax has proven to be flexible and agile to meet the most sophisticated requirements and strict customer deadlines.


Enviroguard designs and manufactures a complete line of code compliant battery spill containment and facility safety equipment. From clean-up kits to protective eyewear, Enviroguard has the certified equipment mandatory for battery rooms and hazardous material work environments.



Majorpower designs and manufactures high quality, full featured Power Inverters, DC Rectifier Systems and DC/DC Converters. Majorpower  focuses on up-scale, dependable products that meet a variety of telecom, utility and critical power applications worldwide. Majorpower’s mission is to create power conversion systems that deliver superior reliability and to provide the best customer experience for our users.