Standby Power System Consultants, Inc. is a highly qualified team of professionals who provide complete stationary battery and DC power system engineering, design, consulting, procurement, maintenance, testing and installation support services for Electric Utility, Nuclear Power Plant, Renewable Energy, Industrial Plant, Telecommunications, IT, Data Center and Mission Critical Facilities markets.  Our years of experience and technical expertise combined with serving on industry code committees, makes us uniquely qualified to provide our stationary battery and DC power system services to you.  Our office in Chicago, IL, offers regional support as well as national services capability.

Product Lines

  • Stationary Batteries and Battery Racks
    • Lead Acid – Vented (VLA) and Valve Regulated (VRLA)
    • Nickel Cadmium
    • Lithium-ion and Advanced Technologies
  • Battery Chargers, Rectifier Plants
  • Power Conversion Products – Inverters, Converters
  • DC Distribution
  • Battery Monitoring
  • Spill Containment and Safety Equipment
  • Battery System Enclosures/Cabinets
  • Mobile and Portable DC Power Systems
  • Fuel Cells


  • Installation
  • Maintenance and Testing
  • DC Ground Fault Locating – Ground Busters
  • Integration
  • Engineering, Design Support, Consulting and Training

Member ieee power energy society